Day 1 Connectivity offers you all the services your clients need, all in one place

A Connected Workforce

The ability to constantly connect and communicate, whether it be by text, video, or email has become integral to all working environments as companies adapt to the challenges a Covid-19 world presents.

Do you think your clients were ready for remote working before Covid-19? With the advent of 5G and enterprise wireless solutions, all the cultural barriers to full remote connectivity having fallen away and it’s time to make sure you are providing a fully mobile, collaborative workspace for your clients, wherever they are working or living from.

Day 1 Connectivity was conceived to take products and services, alongside our knowledge gained from big business, and make them accessible and affordable for all. We strive to provide personal and bespoke levels of support, at a competitive price, for both businesses and the residential market.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic it became apparent there was a gap in the market crying out for fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity with the advantages of an enterprise grade service, such as 99.99% uptime and truly uncapped, unlimited data download speeds.

As we ease out of lockdown for anyone who is initiating, planning and implementing projects, connectivity will be a key component to its success.

At Day 1 Connectivity we guide you through the rapidly changing connectivity landscape, recommending and delivering the best, most cost-effective and future-ready solutions for your clients’ business.

The scope of our services includes Network design, Cloud, Data, Unified Communications and professional advisory services for IT and Connectivity (5G / Wi-Fi/ Infrastructure and CCTV).

Connected buildings

Ultrafast broadband is as much a utility today as electricity, gas and water so we make sure it’s as straightforward for both you and your clients. We have over 20 years of experience delivering on-site and cloud based managed Wi-Fi and last-mile connectivity solutions.

We’ll work with you to create the right plan for your property development, from design through to occupancy set up and ongoing network management.

We are able to offer a suite of broadband packages across the UK including:

  • FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet)
  • FTTP/H or FTTPoD Fibre to the premises / home / Fibre on Demand for new developments and retrospectively installing fibre for pre- existing and new build sites
  • FAST (Ultra-fast broadband)
  • Leased Line (Dedicated personal Line from 10Mb – 10Gb)
  • Rapid Deployment 3G/4G/5G Backhaul Link up to 100Mbps (even in areas where mobile phones do not work, such as hard to reach or remote rural areas) with unlimited data, texts and minutes

What’s more, they come with a 99.999% uptime 100% service level agreement (SLA) for Leased Lines, providing peace of mind and a must for any business that needs an ‘always on’ solution.

All of our Lines are monitored live from our UK office and Leased Lines come with 24/7 365 support. With rapid response and fix times, a fibre leased line may well be the best decision you make for your clients’ business.

Broadband connections are now considered a necessity for home and business owners and whether you’re planning a property development with ten units or hundreds of units, the new occupants will expect broadband and voice services.

As passionate technology embracers, we share the best and most relevant products and services with our clients. If appropriate, we can help you adopt them quickly, easily and seamlessly while always keeping your data safe and secure and driving down costs wherever possible. A more productive, autonomous and scalable working paradigm is already here – and we can help you lead it.

But a key differentiator of Day1 connectivity is our impartiality as we will only recommend systems that are truly the right fit for your clients. Our belief is to cultivate long term partnerships built on trust.

Ongoing Support – the most important part of any service or solution is the support

We offer ongoing support and services to all our clients, whether they are looking for technical support and guidance or are looking to expand on something we’ve already installed. Think of us as a helping hand, from the UK based technical support team providing remote diagnostics or on-site support.

This is an intrinsic part of how we work at Day 1 Connectivity and we will always provide ongoing support for our clients.

In a time where security, reliability and security are essential…why risk using anyone else?

For more information about Day 1 Connectivity, visit or contact us on 0203 995 5660.