Laycock Street 

Plan C was contracted to refurbish and remodel a two bed, two bathroom duplex apartment and associated landscaped spaces. The apartment sits within a renowned warehouse conversion, The Eclipse Building in Islington N1.

The high-spec renovation was carried out in collaboration with Veridian Architecture and Design. The client has a keen interest in design, a fantastic eye for detail and exacting standards. Every element of the project was scrutinised to ensure the best possible outcome.

The project required new steel works to create a gallery space, a sophisticated sound and lighting scheme including lighting troughs, suspended light track and recessed spots, a cutting edge kitchen, stylish bathrooms with bespoke cabinetry throughout.

A gallery was added to the mezzanine floor to allow for a home office and the mezzanine level was designed to become an evening room, a place to retreat to above the main living spaces.

Light was the defining factor of the design. It was worked into every element of the design and Plan C worked with the latest in lighting technology to achieve this.  Plan C built clever light solutions for example in the master bedroom ensuite there is a full height internal opaque glass block with marble plinth to allow light into what would otherwise be a dark space.

The end result is a striking, minimalist, yet functional living space.


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