ROCKET LAUNCH ULTRA – The “4-Way” Flush Door System

Rocket Door Frames have launched an innovative flush door system that has distinct advantages over it’s predecessor, advantages for the architect, developer and contractor.

The evolution of the Flush Door design has been prolific throughout Europe over recent years. The design concept of a door without architraves that blends into any interior design has been appreciated by Interior designers everywhere. Initially the design emanated from Italy but has since become the biggest growth sector in the door market.


Rocket door frames have been at the forefront of this evolution with a product similar to other suppliers in the market which meant having to specify either Push or Pull and either Left or Right opening, that’s 4 different products, each one specific without any flexibility to change.

The new UTRA Flush Door system combines all these 4 possibilities into one simple product, Push or Pull, Left or Right opening. This translates into easy specifying, ease of supply (you always get the right product), ease of installation and last but certainly not least, the ability to change your mind about Push/Pull, Left/Right!

The Rocket ULTRA Flush door system is made from high quality aluminium using the very best component suppliers.

Here are just some of the advantages of the Rocket Flush Door system –

  1.   All doors are 44mm flush and have been approved in the Rocket system for FD30 fire rating.
  2. A top quality AGB MAGNETIC lock and latch with strike plate and 3M long lasting bumper seals
  3. The European manufactured 3 way adjustable invisible hinges ensure perfect alignment of the door to the frame and so have a perfect flush finish. .
  4. You can use the Rocket system with standard metal stud, timber stud and masonry walls.
  5. Sturdy OSB spacers are supplied with each frame meaning the perfect door alignment is assured when installing
  6. To protect against oxidisation the frame is supplied fully protected and primed ready for painting.
  7. The risk of plaster cracking on the edges over time has been virtually eliminated       with the ‘hooked’ aluminium profile that holds the plaster firm.

Specify Rocket ULTRA Flush to wall doors and frames you wont be disappointed!
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