Villiers Furniture Ltd – Unique furniture and sculptures, handmade in England

Villiers designs and creates truly bespoke furniture and works of art. Built with the finest materials and superb craftsmanship, our pieces are custom made to last more than a lifetime.

Among our collections are dining and console tables, mirrors, lighting, modern metal furniture and sculptures. Every Villiers piece is made to order, whether we are working to an existing design, or a one-off commission.

With well-honed artisanal skills, we combine traditional methods and machinery with modern tools and technology. One of the most valuable machines in our workshop is a 100-year-old power hammer, and blacksmithing is an integral part of our production process – an ancient metal working skill that we are keen to keep alive through the specialist expertise of our team.

This year’s new initiatives, will be focusing more on the great outdoors  we are adding to our sculptural pieces early this year see the Globe plus the Portal sculpture featured  , also introducing large planters ,  The planters will add a new focal points to your garden layout , courtyards and patios, suitable plants for example Olives . Succulents Agava , Evergreens , including Boxwood topiary , Bamboo , and moor.

The Finishes of out outdoor pieces will improve with age rust for example, naturally oxidise over time to a beautiful rust red finish. Stainless steel will hold its finish over the years. Galvanized finishes. a protective zinc coat, pre age by ourselves to give them a timeless look

Our team custom build and deliver mesmerising sculptures to order. The steel structures are already 55 % recycled material when built, they require no maintenance and naturally oxidise over time to a beautiful rust red finish.

View our furniture and sculptures:

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Villiers Furniture Ltd

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