Warmup Hydro Systems Save Over 15 Tons of CO2 Each Year

With 14% of all CO2 emissions within the UK being a result of home energy usage; implementing sustainable energy solutions has become more vital than ever before.

Known for its cost-efficiency, underfloor heating is an ecological heating system as it runs at much lower temperatures, using less energy, while offering a luxurious level of comfort. Underfloor heating warms a room from the ground up, which means that it heats the people in the room, rather than the air, resulting in zero energy wastage.

Compared to pre-packaged room kits, Warmup Pro Hydro uses up to 20% less pipe, because spacings are automatically optimised for the heat loss of the room. That is equivalent to saving an entire room’s worth of pipe on a 100m2 install. In addition, by automatically optimising the design of the system for the heat loss of the rooms, Warmup Pro Hydro can ensure enough heat output for the coldest days at lower flow temperatures. This allows the heat source to run at more efficient temperatures, saving up to 10% in energy use. In fact, for every 100 homes built with Warmup Pro Hydro systems instead of pre-packaged room kits, over 15 tons of CO2 is saved each year.

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Green Homes Grant: Extended Until March 2022

Exciting news! The Green Homes Grant has been extended to March 2022. This means that homeowners can still save up to £10,000 by getting Warmup Underfloor Heating installed in their homes as part of the government scheme. More on the Green Homes Grant below.

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What is the Green Homes Grant?

Launched in September 2020, the Green Homes Grant is a financial grant offered by the government to assist in covering the costs of installing specific heating improvements in your property, to create a greener, low carbon-based energy network. The grants are presented in the form of vouchers and will cover up to two thirds of the total cost of the work, including materials and labour costs, to a maximum value of £5,000, or £10,000 for lower-income households. To be eligible to apply for the grant you must be either a homeowner or landlord and your property should be in England.


Can You Get a Warmup System Installed with the Green Homes Grant?

Absolutely!  The cost of underfloor heating and its installation is covered by the Green Homes Grant when installed alongside a low carbon heat source such as a heat pump. This means you can get Water Underfloor Heating installed in your home at a significantly lower cost. There has never been a more perfect time to install energy efficient heating solutions for your home. What are you waiting for?

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