Sustainable water softeners from Monarch Water

With over 60% of UK properties located in hard water areas the negative effects of limescale are widespread. Investing in the latest generation of water softeners is essential to protect homes from the damage it causes.

Restoring or refurbishing a property is a considerable undertaking so it’s important to protect that investment. Creating a show-stopping home is always the aim, but neglecting water quality is a false economy because fixtures, fittings and appliances won’t remain gleaming and efficient for long once scale takes hold.

It’s not just the visible signs of limescale build up on taps, shower doors and draining boards that water softeners will tackle, but the hidden damage these deposits cause. Limescale builds up inside pipes and on heating elements inside boilers, dishwashers and washing machines causing untold damage.

According to British Water, as little as 1.6mm of limescale coating a heating element reduces its efficiency by up to 12% and significantly reduces its working life. It also makes them more costly to run as the heating elements have to work harder to heat water as it has to heat the scale first.

Hard water is estimated to be responsible for 70% of equipment failure too, so tackling limescale at its source is essential to prevent breakdowns of household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, as well as damage to boilers.

“Future proofing homes with a water softener can extend the working life of household appliances by protecting the sensors and heating elements from the harmful effects of limescale build up,” explains Kevin Johnson, MD of Monarch Water and Technical Director of the UK Water Treatment Association. “Not only does this save homeowners money, but means better results too.”

Water softeners also offer homeowners lifestyle benefits such as softer hair, skin and laundry, and less cleaning to do. Additionally, they offer significant savings on toiletries as less is needed to create a lather and far fewer cleaning chemicals are required.

Sustainable softening

Conserving water is important to today’s consumers which is why Monarch Water produced the next generation of HE (high efficiency) water softeners with Opti-Brining® to protect homes from the negative effects of limescale.The three strong range, which includes the MiniAqua HE, Midi HE and Master HE, is the ultimate solution to sustainable water softening, using up to 24% less water and 12% less salt per annum* than their equivalent counterparts. They are also more compact than their predecessors, making them easier to site, and also feature a speedy mini top up regeneration.

“Investing in the next generation of water softener is an affordable solution to all the issues limescale causes,” says Johnson. “It’s preferable to install during the kitchen fitting process, but they can be retrofitted with ease, which means every household can benefit from soft water.”

All is not lost if there are already signs of limescale around the home because as soon as a Monarch HE water softener is installed it will start to disappear. Not only do these units prevent limescale building up in the future, but will remove any that’s already formed. The NEW HE range also use less water and energy than equivalent models during regeneration, which makes them more economical to run too.


Monarch Water has used its 50 years of industry expertise and commitment to sustainability to bring new technology to the water softening market. The NEW HE range features Opti-Brining® technology as standard, which means that the units only regenerate when needed, using less water, salt and energy than previous generations.

Opti-Brining® also offers greater exchange capacity, higher flow rates and reduced water consumption during regeneration when compared to existing models, making the HE range the most sustainable in its class.

Monarch Water has also streamlined the installation process with the Hi-flow Rapid-Fit bypass. This removes 85% of the components needed when fitting a water softener. Simply connect the water in and out from the mains supply, then connect the hoses to the softener for quick and easy installation.

Monarch Water is at the forefront of innovation, developing the next generation of softener which is the ultimate solution for the sustainable use of water,” says Johnson. “The HE range is compatible with any boiler so every hard water home can take advantage of the benefits they offer.”

Benefits of installing the next generation of water softener

  • Whole house protection 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • No scale saves energy as boilers and appliances work at optimum efficiency
  • Around 50% less toiletries, detergents and cleaning chemicals needed
  • No limescale/excess soap deposits on skin, hair and clothes, creating a dull, drying effect that can exacerbate skin conditions
  • With savings of around £200 a year once installed the running costs of around £8-10 per household member per year mean the payback time is relatively quick

*All figures relate to the NEW Midi HE compared to previous models, based on a three person household.

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